Welcome to Whistle Creek

” To consume a beverage of some sort.Technically it should only be used in reference to drinking beer because of the history of the phrase:Back in the middle ages when beer was sold in ceramic cups they would be fitted with a small whistle which could be blown upon finishing ones beverage in order to alert the bar staff that you require another beer. Therefore to get a beer would literally be “wetting ones whistle”‘

Welcome to Whistle Creek, where the train never stops, only whistles, and the beer flows stronger than the creek.

The saloon Wet Whistle is the village watering hole, where people meet, do business, eat, drink and gossip. Daniel Whistle has been the saloon’s proprietor and the town’s mayor for 10 years, since his father, the town’s founder David Whistle, left us. Mr. Whistle has a good eye for business and offers more than just food, drink and good company. A saloon with full service, which guarantees to cover all your needs. Just ask the saloon girls.

The town’s official leadership is an elected council consisting of the town’s saloonkeeper, marshal, doctor and pastor. There are elections every 5 years, and in the last year the number of qualified candidates has increased. Will there be competition, or will the city council remain as it always have been?

Every two years the big poker tournament, Silver Whistle, is held. Mr Whistle has specially invited the two famous poker players Primrose Holden and Wesley Studs. There is also no shortage of local gamblers, and some of them are downright gambling mad. The pot is big and the cards are hot!

These events are the back-drop for a larp set in 1889, where we explore the relationships of a small, seemingly tight knit community. There will be plenty of interpersonal intrigue as well.

Come and join us for a dramatic weekend in Whistle Creek. Otherwise, you’ll have to read about it in The WhistleStick on Monday, and we promise you that won’t be the same.


This is a larp about everything that happens during an eventful weekend in a small village in the good old west.

For the most authentic experience, we have booked a western village with a saloon, jail, barber shop, bakery, grocery, church and nice surroundings.