Town council and town politics

The current town council was elected in 1884, and consists of saloonkeeper Daniel Whistle, town doctor Luke Slides and Reverend Albert Benjamin Simpson, in addition to city marshal Violet Whistle, who sits on the council in a law enforcement capacity. The council members are elected for a five-year term, and all seats are to be re-elected this year.

The council members are elected by the town’s population, but in practice the sitting members have been the only ones eligible, since the town’s charter limits this opportunity to residents who have at least one permanent salaried employee, that isn’t connected to the business by family ties.

The position of Mayor is elected by the Council internally, and has a double vote, and so far Daniel Whistle has served as Mayor since his father’s death. The incumbent council members and most residents are happy with this, although the pastor is under increasing pressure from the congregation for a change in the town’s policy regarding the saloon’s services.

It has been decided that Idaho will be made a state within the next year. The upcoming election in Whistle Creek will therefore be important, because those who hold administrative positions in the town when this change occurs will automatically receive a number of benefits – state guarantee for the position, immunity from certain types of prosecution, higher financial compensation for the position.

The organization of lawmen will also be changed. The town really just has a town marshall, but she’s called Sheriff and treated like one by the citizens.Whistle Creek has just achieved a number of population that qualifies for city status, and the council has therefore decided that the city should have its own sheriff.  A sheriff answers to the town council, while a town marshal answers to a territorial marshal. This change therefore gives the city greater freedom. 

The citizens see no reason to replace Violet Whistle, she has done an excellent job all those years. But she might not be the only one interested in the position? It is not specified in the charter that the sheriff must be a resident of the town, and you can actually run for sheriff even if you do not have the right to vote.

Matters for consideration in the council:

Should married women’s right to vote be guaranteed in the charter?

Should the town limits be expanded to include the Morris Ranch?

When the territory becomes a state, it is also important that the city has a sheriff, because the marshal organization will be changed, and the city marshals will be replaced by competent lawmen. Emphasis on “men”, as the politicians in Boise do not recognize women as formally competent in professions that are traditionally held by men. Therefore, it is extremely important for the stability of Whistle Creek’s independent politics that Violet is elected sheriff this year.