Safety and rules

Code of conduct

Breaking the rules of the larp and failing to adhere to the safety mechanisms will cost you your place at the larp. If this happens during the larp you will be sent away at your own cost.


Magisk Laiv has zero tolerance for bullying, sexism, elitism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming etc. towards players. This behavior will get you disqualified and black listed from future larps made by us.


We encourage you to have a conversation with your relations before the larp, and clarify how you will play the relationship out, necessary boundaries etc.

If you want to engage a player in a scene that can make you or others involved uncomfortable, it’s always an option to calibrate. Take the involved party aside discreetly, and check in.


This is a well established safety word in Norway.

If at any point, your personal boundaries have been crossed, you can say CUT out loud, and/or make an X with your arms, and all play in your immediate surroundings will stop. 

This can be done for any reason: if you are physically hurt, if you are overwhelmed or scared, and don’t feel safe.

You will not have to explain why you cut. And organizer will be called for, take the necessary steps, and start the game again.

Don’t cut on behalf of others, you don’t know their boundaries. (Unless of course someone is passed out or visibly unable to cut for themselves in a situation where a cut is obviously called for)


Everyone are adults at this larp, and we will not restrict you from playing on sex, while we encourage you to seriously consider if it contributes anything to the game. 

Before engaging in sexual activities, all involved players should cut/timeout/go off-game and calibrate how they are most comfortable doing so. It will always be an option to talk it out or use the meta-techniques. 

There will be meta-techniques and safety mechanisms for interacting with the saloon girls.

All this will be workshopped at the location before game start. 


For some characters it will make sense to have and/or carry a gun. This has to be clarified with the organizers in advance and the gun will be inspected at sign in.

Any gun that shows up in play without approval will be confiscated (and might get you disqualified). 

Guns will not be drawn, nor fired, inside.

Scenes involving guns will be held to a minimum, calibrated with the involved parties and approved by an organizer in advance.

Guns will not be loaded until entering a calibrated, approved scene.

Alcohol, drugs and substance use

Smoking will be done in designated areas.

No un-prescribed drugs.

The saloon will serve alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) beer, and drinks with non-alcoholic liquor. There will be a ticket-system for this, to ensure responsible drinking. You are not allowed to bring alcohol.