The Guest list

These are characters we’ll meet in Whistle Creek. These characters will be further developed, taking your thoughts, preferences and ideas into consideration. We might merge or divide concepts if this deals a better hand.

We also have some fun ideas for people who can only attend part of the larp.

Some of the characters will not be assigned gender before we assign a player.

  • Mayor Daniel Whistle – saloon proprietor, city councilor, well regarded and highly respected.
  • (Sugar) Lily Lilac – recently arrived in town, has stayed at the Saloon for a couple of weeks, newly hired. There will be a bidding round for her “first ride”.
  • (Scarlet) Rose Waters – irresistibly skilled at her job.
  • (Dazzlin’) Daisy Rawlins – is getting older, but is well liked by the regulars.
  • Iris Perkins – saloon girl/doctor’s secretary. Divides her work hours between the doctor’s office and the saloon. Hasn’t gotten her saloon girl name yet.
  • Philmore Twist – Bartender with a twist.
  • Sebastian Twist – the chef.
  • Paul Wilkins – war veteran, former sanitary officer, works as the Doctor’s assistant (or “nurse” as “some” tease him). Works as a croupier in the Saloon on special occasions.
  • Marshal Violet Whistle – Daniel’s sister, city councilor, city marshal.
  • Doctor Luke Slides – city councilor, conservative, sleazy, perceived as nice by men and a few women.
  • Reverend Albert Benjamin Simpson – city councilor, relaxed and informal pastor, likes to enjoy himself in the saloon on Saturday, gives terrific sermons on Sunday.
  • Petunia Simpson – reverend’s wife, old school, leader of the Temperance Association, manager of the Town Bazaar.
  • Marigold Simpson – considerably more free-spirited than her stuffy mother, a good friend to several of the women, but not a regular at the saloon, that’s her father’s sanctuary. Works at the general store,  mans the haberdashery counter.
  • Colin Douglas Simpson – distiller, Reverend’s brother.
  • Maxwell Lewis – Owns the general store. A well-liked man who arrived in town three years ago and quickly settled into the general store, which he surprisingly inherited from the previous owner a year ago.
  • Azalea Lewis – Maxwell’s wife, daughter of rancher Samson Morris.
  • Lavender Gryck – funeral agent, since the last election has had enough employees to become a city council candidate.
  • Journalist Peter Gryck – editor, journalist and photographer in the local newspaper The WhistleStick.
  • Poppy McShaw – banker, post officer, notary public.
  • Georgina/George Holden – wealthy son/daughter from the big city of Sacramento, teacher, came from teacher training school to teach the children in the city as an internship.
  • Carlton Lewis – former gold digger, now grave digger, employed by Lavender Gryck.
  • Gordon Thomas-Gordon – British socialite, has come to inspect the land he has inherited in the gold area, is a little overwhelmed by the “rustic and very authentic” surroundings and the people, but chooses to see it as an exotic experience, and, as good British upper class, doesn’t get disheveled. 
  • Dahlia Thomas-Gordon – accompanying her husband, is curious about the possibilities of a life “on the prairie”, as she says.
  • Cattle owner Samson Morris – Has had great success with his ranch, and contributes greatly to the community economy, but lives outside the city borders, and therefore does not have the right to vote. 
  • Samson Jr – The rancher’s son, the stronghold of morality, is happy to go to hell if he can save another human being from purgatory.
  • Wesley Bells – professional gambler, regular at Wet Whistles tournaments, special invite, won big last time, based in Whistle Creek.
  • Primrose Holden – a notorious gambler known for his supernatural luck, specially invited.
  • Idaho Territory land marshal Winston Ericsson – has come to make trouble for the town’s town marshal, whom he does not respect.
  • (Hummin’) Heather Rawlins, former saloon girl, used to work at the saloon, but was fired after trying to cheat the saloon owner out of the bed rent.

We would also like to add in entertainers like musicians and dancers, local gamblers, merchants, crafters, and other characters that make Whistle Creek come alive.