The setting

We are in Idaho in 1889, in the small town of Whistle Creek. The town was founded 32 years ago by David Whistle, Oliver Gryck and Charles Bells and has not changed significantly since then, except for a certain replacement in residents. Whistle Creek just gained enough residents to achieve city status, so the election will be rather special this year, especially in that we will be changing from marshall to sheriff. Idaho will soon become its own state, and that will also affect the political landscape.

Most people are probably concerned with the ever-advancing civilization of the West. Particularly with regard to how it will affect their own lives. Besides this, the days are spent maneuvering impending changes in daily life while still maintaining a certain status quo. And of course making the most of the opportunities you have for rest and enjoyment.

The saloon Wet Whistle is usually the venue for most town events, and this weekend it will host the poker tournament Silver Whistle, and the town election. Proprietor Daniel Whistle, his staff and the saloon girls will make sure to provide the guest’s every need.