Practical information

WHAT?: Four days LARP in a real western village, with full board at the Saloon.

WHEN? July 3rd-7th 2024.
Day 1: Arrival 13.00-15.00. Sign in, Unpacking, briefing, fotoshoot.
Day 4: Game ends.
Day 5: Debrief, packing, departure before 12.00

WHERE? Storhornet Saloon, Gjevilvassdalen, Oppdal. 

WHO? 35 players over the age of 18, incl 2 playing organizers.

PRICE: 250 euros, all inclusive.

We want to be able to offer some subsidised ticket. We encourage those who have the opportunity to contribute to this. Every euro helps, the more people who pay more, the more people we can support.

The saloon needs staff.
We need a chef, who will get a free place at the larp in exchange for cooking all the meals.
We will also be able to offer half price, for 3-4 people who are willing and able to do practical work during the LARP (serving, washing up and tidying). These will get characters that enables this.

You place at LARP must be paid within the given deadline, otherwise it will be passed on.
After this deadline, you will also not be refunded money upon cancellation.

– Read information that is made available and familiarize themselves with roles and relationships
– Respond to inquiries from the organizers within a reasonable time.
– Meet deadlines for payment and feedback.
– Show up at the LARP site on time, prepared, with a minimum of costume and the equipment needed.
contributes according to ability with rigging. No one is allowed to leave until the rigging is finished.

– Provide adequate information
– Respond to inquiries in a timely manner
– Offer help with costumes, equipment, etc.
– Serve full meals at set times

SIGN UP: Sign up opens 1st of july.
We will start casting for run 2 september 7th.

LANGUAGE: The larp will be played in English.

We want to facilitate for everyone as much as possible. The lovation is not universally designed.
Be specific about your needs for accommodations, especially around diet, either in the registration form or by email. Most things can be fixed if we’re just told.
Needs that have not been reported well in advance of the larp cannot be expected to be accommodated.

There will be a photographer at the LARP.
No one else is allowed to photograph in the game area.
After the larp, pictures will be shared in the closed player group for a ten day flagging.
Photos of others will not be published without explicit permission from everyone in the photo.
The photographer must be credited.

Magisk LARP has zero tolerance for harassment, bullying and discrimination against players. Players who display unwanted behavior will lose their place in the LARP.

Prior to the LARP, we will conduct mandatory workshops for the use of safety mechanisms, as well as escalation and descalation of conflict, and meta-technique for fighting.
Violence and gun use have certain restrictions (banging prohibited. That’s what she said)
Player safety and welfare always come first.

The larp will have play on prejudice, harassment and discrimination based on gender, nationality, social status and marital status, violence, sexual advances regardless of gender and orientation (but not sexual violence). You never want to be forced into play you’re not comfortable with, and you will always have the option to leave scenes you’re uncomfortable with. However, one must be aware that these themes are part of the game.

We will practice meta-techniques for sexual acts and violence.

The larp will have traditional gender roles, and everyone plays either female or male. However, you can choose which gender you want to play.

Organizers: Harald Hellerud & Kristine Grønningsæter
Email: wetwhistlelaiv at