Town treaty

We, saloon proprietor David Whistle, land marshal Wade Jenkins and Reverend Oliver Gryck, hereby found Whistle Creek town community. This charter will apply to all land between the following properties: the Wet Whistle Saloon with its connected lands, Sarah Tuttle’s ranch except grazing lands, and the Whistle Creek Baptist Church, with Whistle Creek itself as the western boundary.

The city shall be governed by a council consisting of four members, three of whom shall be elected by the city’s residents from among those who operate businesses that provide gainful employment for at least two employees (family not included), plus the person elected by the residents to be the city marshall, or, all at that time the town has more than two hundred inhabitants, sheriff. The latter cannot also be elected mayor, but must participate in appointing a mayor from among the council’s members. The mayor has two votes in all matters that come before the council. All official positions are elected for five years at a time. If a position is left vacant due to death, the council can appoint a suitable person until the next election day.

The city’s residents are considered to be anyone and everyone who has a permanent residence within the defined city limits, and who has paid the city tax to the city council. This amounts to 5 dollars per year. In an election year, there will be an additional fee of 3 dollars for the right to vote. The collection of the city tax is carried out by the person who at any time holds the office of town magistrate. People who do not pay can be banished from the city.

Magistrates can be elected by the town’s residents, or the tasks fall to the town marshall if such an election has not been held.

The raising of new buildings within the city limits must be approved by the city council, which issues permits as they are processed. Temporary workers and others who are temporarily settled in tents or similar are not required to pay city tax, but can also be banished without warning.

Specific provisions:

All laws that apply to Idaho Territory also apply to Whistle Creek.

Gun duels are not allowed within the city limits.

The creek must be kept free of litter and faeces.

Publication of newspapers, books and pamphlets requires special permission.

The sale of alcohol is only permitted in the saloon.

Gambling is only allowed in the saloon.

Prostitution is only allowed in the saloon.

Beekeepers must keep their hives on the north side of the city.

Catholics are not allowed to spread their faith within the city limits.

All buildings that are raised must be treated with tar on the south side.

Baptism must take place in the summer months, to avoid disease.

Whistle Creek, Idaho

May 5th 1857